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wPractical offers practical training courses to the students and professionals in different fields so as to provide real life working experience.

These courses focus on practical application of business law and enable the entrepreneur, businessmen and employees of the companies for actual work. The training programs have been designed in such a manner that the learners are equipped with real time strength for the delivery of work. The wPractical courses focus less on theory but more on practical applications of business law. It provides tailor made courses for industry professionals. The course curriculum includes the training modules wherein one such module is to be taught in tentatively one week. Every module includes the study material, recorded videos, live classes, relevant graphs and templates and case studies.

The learners are given the practical circumstances wherein the learners find out virtual solutions of the problems. The approach of wPractical is such that assessments are conducted after every module so as to increase the interaction and participation by the learner. The performance is analyzed and personal support is extended to the learner. However, such assessment is only for the improvement and it is not connected with award of the certificate. Infect, a one to one practical session is conducted as the final exam wherein the learner is supposed to deliver the work practically what he might be doing for his clients. If such practical application of real life circumstances and real life work is found satisfactory, then only the certificate is awarded to the learner, else the wPractical instructors help the learner to improve the performance and again a practical session is conducted.

The wPractical platform provides latest technological solutions for learning wherein the approach is flexible but the objective is that the learner should be able to earn after completing the training course with wPractical.

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