Activities of Investor Relationship Cell

managing the relations

Sat Dec 25, 2021

1. Respond to requests from investors and analysts for information and data. Ensure that communications are honest, accurate and consistent. Further, the investor relations cell should endeavor to respond to investor queries within two working days from the time the query is received.

2. Set up periodic investor meetings with the senior management and brief the senior management appropriately. Further, organize site visits and campus tours for analysts / investors.

3. Organize an analyst meet at least once in a year and get the senior management to speak to analysts and prospective investors on the company, its strategy, operations, and other important aspects. Make sure that the senior management utilizes the analyst meet forum to set expectations right. Ensure senior management is briefed appropriately. It would be useful for the Government Nominee Director(s) to participate in this annual meet.

4. Arrange earnings release conference calls. Develop and implement investor materials and events including presentations, releases, fact sheets, investor events, conferences, and web events. Impress upon the senior management that frequent dialogue with investors enhances credibility and helps build trust.

5. Develop and implement competitive information which pertains to publicly reported financials, the press, ratings, and public comments. In doing so, provide senior management and investors with data related to peer group comparisons, the company position vis-à-vis its peers and the competition. Comparisons with peers must be confined to the extent of information available in the public domain

6. Track shareholder ownership and investor relation contacts with major and important shareholders. Also, track the share price performance of peers, indices, trading patterns (selling, buying), ownership mix (institutions, retail, insiders), and appraise the management at least once a month.

7. Track and analyze analyst’s reports and comments, research reports, models, estimates and projections. Also, track and share information related to competitive information with senior management.

8. Clearly communicate the corporate communication policy related to corporate calendar events, insider trading policy and silent periods with investors, analysts and external stakeholders.

9. Prepare and submit an annual report on the activities of the investor relations cell to the senior management.

10. Develop an appropriate feedback system that moderates and directs the information flow and communication between the management and investors.

11. Enable analysts to initiate coverage of scrip. Help analysts on the buy side and fund managers on the sell side to understand the business model of the company and also validate their assumptions on need basis.

12. Create a data repository and build a suitable mechanism for flow of information from operational departments for preparation of briefs etc., to maintain consistency and factual accuracy of the information disseminated to analysts/investors.

13. Make sure that all the price-sensitive information is vetted and

pre-approved by the senior management before the same is communicated to the public. IRO should be associated with preparation of the annual press brief that publishes the Company’s statement on earnings, its position, growth plans,, strategy and future business potential, etc.

14. Ensure that all appropriate press releases and briefings are uploaded on the Company’s website promptly immediately after the information is disseminated to the stock exchanges.


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