Characteristics of Good Investment

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Characteristics of Good Investment Investing smartly a. Objective fulfillment An investment should fulfil the objective of the savers. Every individual has a definite objective in making an investment. When the investment objective is contrasted with the uncertainty involved with investments, the f...

Want to do business in India? Do your homework

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Want to do business in India? Do your homework researching the investing policy With a new government in India led by Narendra Modi championing change and innovation, the mood for doing business and deals with international partners is more positive than it has ever been. UK companies have opportun...

Importance of investor relations

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Importance of investor relations relationship and management Investor relations serve as the bridge between the management and the investors. Investors and regulatory requirements today demand much greater transparency. Timely and accurate information is of utmost essence. Investors typically wish ...

Activities of Investor Relationship Cell

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Activities of Investor Relationship Cell managing the relations 1. Respond to requests from investors and analysts for information and data. Ensure that communications are honest, accurate and consistent. Further, the investor relations cell should endeavor to respond to investor queries within two...

Maintaining the investors relations page on the corporate website

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Maintaining the investors relations page on the corporate website managing the information digitally Corporate website has now become an important medium for external communication. The department recommends designing special “investor relations” sections in Company sites for continuous and enhance...
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