Cloud Computing

service through the internet

Sat Dec 25, 2021

The term ‘cloud’ refers to the platform where components are located on a different network of computers that communicates by messages with others. It is use to deliver service through the internet. It includes data storage, servers, networks. Cloud computing is name because its information is found or collect in virtual space.

For people and business, it is a popular option it increase cost saving, performance, and security. And also increases their IT functionality and capacity. they can choose when, where, and how to use it in business to ensure good IT solutions.

Those companies that provide these services they authorized to store the application remotely and have access to the internet. Users can work remotely. It’s services can be both public and private.

In public cloud computing, provides its services on the internet for free and can access businesses on the internet on pay. They also develop models and provide services to businesses that want to save money in their businesses.

Public cloud is cost effective. It is highly reliable and it is easy to manage.

Private cloud computing provides services only to a specific number of peoples. This service is own by single business This service hosting is expensive, it also provides high security to the larger businesses. Private cloud computing has great control over the server and also improves the level of security.

Types of Cloud Services

There are three main Cloud computing services

1. IaaS

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as service. It is a common service model. It offers the fundamental infrastructure of networks and Operating Systems. Iaas permits flexibility and reliability so the businesses look for the cloud and also removes the need for hardware in the office.

2. PaaS

PaaS stands for Platform as a service. These services provide the infrastructure and software frameworks where businesses can run their own software and application. Through PaaS, web application can be create quickly.

3. SaaS

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. On the internet the deployment of this service of software to the businesses who pay for the model. SaaS is an ideal for short-term projects.


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