Fashion importance in today's world

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Sat Dec 25, 2021

Fashion, why is it important, and why it matters so much even before the person’s character?

Fashion, a prominent part of today’s environment, is important because fashion has its own history, culture, and sense behind every new trend. In today’s era, where you have food or not is the second thing people observe, but if you have a good sense of style statement, people immediately catch hold of that.

Before clothes is used to cover ourselves from the seasonal environment, but slowly clothes became a sense of fashion.

Fashion’s importance in life

Fashion represents our history and helps us in telling the story behind that. Since the ages, it has been an important part of society. It has the potential to bring different cultures, people, and thinking altogether creating a new fashion statement with their individual touch.

The best way to enjoy fashion is not in some luxury shimmery clothes someone wears, or in a heavy gown designed by a very famous designer, it can even make a fashion statement with ripped jeans, a loose t-shirt and a good pair of sneakers or heels, the only thing that matters the most is how you carry that simplest of thing in the most elegant way to represent it in front of others.

Fashion is about following a trend, that’s most popular in the market according to the latest demand. Fashion tracks the particular demand, then uses various ways in order to make influential marketing among the audience, people get influence by the product, accept it and publicize among their circles, making a lot more audience in favor of the product, and it got accept publically, Fashion create. So, it is basically about, good marketing that attracts more audience to make a product- The Fashion.


Fashion is something that starts with you, first, it changes you, and then it changes the world. In today’s era where to make your company’s product a statement, you’ve to be very aware of the latest social marketing policy, for a decent survival in the industry. It varies from place to place, with different styles, and patterns for different climates and areas.

It keeps us updated with the current demand in the market, and makes us ready for the changes and challenges life throws our way.

Fashion shows culture, it doesn’t mean just follow the trend, but it’s a way to represent our culture in front of others by honoring our values, like turbans in Punjab, a proper Rajasthani dress, for Rajasthan’s women, hijabs in Muslims, and a cape for father’s in church.

Impact on Environment

The more the advantages, the more the negatives. Apart from the most emerging industry, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries also. The production of organic materials and fibers used in making fashion invites various environmental pollution like air, water, soil.

Textile industries polluted the local water in various ways.

Fashion is like art, a phenomenon where trendsetters change the trends every year, according to the demands and market votes.

Sometimes, it emerges new heights, sometimes it’s the opposite because even after proper marketing we can’t predict which product will be a hit or flop the next time we publicize it, as it depends totally on the audience whom to pass or not. Sometimes, the results are unexpected, sometimes it’s up to point, it varies accordingly.

It has its own good and bad sides, we can’t go for a win every time, it’s a slow process, where rich people afford and prefer good materialistic things as a fashion accessory, a common man can use their normal clothes with a little unusual touch to make it look fashionable. It’s just about perception. One can carry everything well with a positive attitude. And some can’t even carry a formal thing even after having many options. It depends on how you carry things in your favor.

If this helps you anyway, do share your views🙂

How Fashion affects our lives?

Fashion plays a major role in defining our personality. It helps people decide whether they wanna blend in or stand out from the crowd. It also defines confidence and a way of how people wanna present themselves.

Fashion is a semi-art hence you can’t define it in a sentence it has a hugely diverse range. People from different countries, cultures,s, and places have different ways to define fashion.

Though in the modern world fashion is used to define a person’s taste and status. Fashion according to the youth is following latest trends, wearing new clothes in trend and wearing accessories.

Fashion changes from time to time and many people are actually very passionate about upgrading their wardrobe according to the trends.

Positive And Negative impact of fashion

Positive impact

Fashion lets you express yourself even without saying it aloud. You can show what you stand for and the beliefs you follow (turban, hijab). It also helps you be an upgrade and slay it. It allows you to be creative and boosts your confidence.

It is also a source of income for many like designers, bloggers. Many fashion bloggers are working for it. And not everyone actually follows the latest trends.

The trends have also influenced people to an extent where there is n discrimination in wearing a dress between fat or skinny person.

Negative Impact

People have become obsessed with being the latest trend follower. It has pushed people towards toxicity. Fashion has also promoted low self-esteem in some people who are being judged for not being following the latest trend. Many people are so crazy over becoming the one who looks fashionable and like a model that they are torturing themselves as they comprise with their diet, skin, and healthy routine which has an adverse effect on the health.

So, in conclusion, it’s good to be fashionable and attractive but it’s more attractive to have your own style and love yourself.


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