How to prepare Tea

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Sat Dec 25, 2021

Tea. Not any rocket Science, but definitely a point of satisfaction. A satisfying cup of happiness, with a lot more comfort, and power to soothes the soul.

Do you ever wonder what it takes to make the perfect happiness in a single mug? And exactly how much ingredients like sugar and milk require in brewing a complete mood changer drink- Tea.

Chai is a “Hebrew” word that means “alive” or “living”. It derives from the Chinese word “chá”.

Prepare a Tea

There’s no such preparation, only the content you’re using should be the inadequate amount, neither less nor more than the need. The taste of chai totally depends on the amount of content one is using while preparing tea. And the most important is water while preparing tea. With the correct amount of water, you get the perfect resultant in the form of a perfect cup of happiness. Boil 1 cup of water, different types of tea need a different amount of boiling water, which we’ll discuss. Add 1/2 tbs loose tea and 1 tbs sugar. Boil it, till you feel the aroma in your mind. Now add cinnamon powder and cardamom, according to your taste. Now add 3/4 a cup of milk. Let it brew for some time and then strain it in a teapot using a strainer.

Confusions related to prepare a tea

Till when we have to boil?

Is it important to used cinnamon or ginger is enough?

What kind of tea is good- teabags or losses tea?

If it didn’t turn out tasty, then?

So, this is not an issue of concern according to me, because when you use the required amount of content while making your hot cup, there shouldn’t be any problem, and in case there’s tastes issue like too sweet, no sugar, or no flavors, then with just little presence of mind and skills to analyze why this happens helps.

Varieties of Tea

There are various methods to make different types of tea in different styles and flavors worldwide. But of course, water is required in all.

Let’s look at different types of tea available in the market

Green Tea: Most popular worldwide, less caffeine than black tea, take less time to reach its full flavor.

Black Tea: Strong, takes more time can be bitter or sweet.

Oolong Tea: Dark version of green tea, color little similar to honey.

Herbal Tea: Low caffeine, high flavors, natural

Normal Tea: contain milk, sugar, and a proportional amount of old Cinnamon and ginger.

Ice Tea: served cold with some ice cubes

There are many different ways to serve tea worldwide, with a new way but with one feeling for tea. So, it totally depends on how you need it to be like.


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