HR - a multitasking discipline

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Sat Dec 25, 2021

Human resource in traditional terms can be said as mainly transactional and reactive, in which the typical style of recruitment, payroll, and job postings are done based on departmental needs and requests. In short, it involves subjective responses to questions of employee morale, but now as this sector is progressing and adopting new methods and technologies based on current business requirements it has become more of measuring morale in quantifiable terms. For e.g. increase or reduce in turnover, compensation, number of workforces.

Ancient Times Employers-Employee

In ancient times we see there was no such case of employer-employee relationship. They managed their things on their own. However the concept of this sort of approach has been evolved with the course of time.

Presently, HRM is a recent term used to manage human resources in an organization. It basically handles everything related with employees, from keeping their record of performance, managing attendance to their salary. It is getting evolved and will continue to add value to the strategic direction to the company. It is presumed to perform only the tasks related to recruitment and payroll, but as a matter of fact, HR is the department that forms the core or you can say it the pillar behind every successful organization, as it hires the required employee in various fields, such as marketing, sales, operations, analyst, etc. in the organization which further contribute to the making of the business.

As we see, in this competitive market, companies need to find the right way of attracting the customers and talent with focused strategies. Uncovering the target segments without the hand of employees is only attainable with the strong group of employees. Now with the advancement of techniques, hiring the skilled employee has become even more accessible and smooth.

Lack-Luster Job Description

We all have read lack-luster job descriptions, and we all agree that few of them are not attractive at all and do not spark candidates and it might even miss a chance to hire the best candidate. While branding is a word common in just marketing, but is equally pertinent in HR as well. Now, employees don’t need just a piece of work but also a suitable environment to work in and its quite understandable.

Communicating about the work environment and its culture involves branding which reflects in job descriptions. Talking about how your company is different from others is not an easy task and here come the skills of branding and marketing. When hiring a candidate, it is no different from marketing in which being clear with the message is very necessary. HR and marketing are interlink in one or the other way and the same applies to sales.

Former deals with the paperwork and piling

HR- A Multitasking Discipline

Many of them think that the former deals with the paperwork and piling resume while the other one sells companies products and services and fulfilling customer requirements. Right? Well, not anymore. Customers and candidates both decide whether the product is worth buying or the company has a significance to apply for the positions or not. Sales have adopted this method of using technology and online presence and now is the time for HR to follow the same.

HR and sales have the same role and same goal, in which audience is the prime focus. The experience of customers contributes a lot to branding, more than just price or the product. One of the best ways to manage both the things together i.e. HR and sales is CRM (customer relationship management) software. From managing sales records, forecasting details and sales projections to maintaining and storing an employee’s record and consolidating social networks for HR is all done by CRM. Its success in this discipline has been commendable and will continue over and above.

HR in outbreak of Pandemic

HR- A Multitasking Discipline

Now talking about the current scenario of HR in this outbreak of pandemic, crisis management and business sustainability remain the top challenges faced by HR during covid-19. Companies are continuously adapting new technologies to support work from home which has become the new trend of working. Today HR is no longer working behind closed doors but has become a crucial part of organizations accomplishments.

The pace at which organizations are adopting this new culture is exemplary. But at the same time, it has become tough for the employees to maintain work life balance. Keeping the same in mind, organizations have developed mutual trust between the company and the employees. This will eliminate the feeling of loneliness, depression, and disconnection from the team. So, to ensure the well-being of the employees it is very important to maintain a sense of togetherness within the company. several organizations have even organized sessions of psychologists and fitness training so that employees can feel motivated and active, mentally as well as physically.


HR- A Multitasking Discipline

This way we can see that HR, as a discipline is not only restrict to just the core works of HR, but is also link to sales, creating business models, and marketing. And the post-pandemic situations will differ from what is has been earlier within HR and will be a lot more challenging but the best part is that with the advancement in technologies and people adapting it so fast is really commendable and impressive.


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