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Sat Dec 25, 2021


HR is a Human Resources. It plays a very important role in a company or business.

Human Resources handles all the employee, made a strategy for developing the growth of a company or business. HR needs to be talented and have ideas for the development of business. It has to maintain good industrial relations with employees and top-level management. HR developed the employees And maintain their work performance. It’s a responsibility of HR to maintain employee performance in the work.

HR should know about marketing so according to that, they can easily make a strategy to develop a growth of the company in marketing. In digital marketing, HR has to update the website according to the user need.

HR plays many roles in an organization :

1. Policy formation –

In policy formation, HR helps top management related to salary, transaction, employee records. Top- management does not have any records. So HR helps in this because HR has all the record of employees. Then through this information HR and Top management work together on it to make a policy.

Now, You are thinking why HR helps the top management?

Because Human Resources the only one who has information and in the case in future if the payment or transaction has done by top management before, then again the transaction has done to the employee, then it may result in a loss to the company and top management. So, to avoid this confusion and mistake, HR helps top management and make policy together.

2. Linking Role –

In this role, HR is linked to both top-level management and employees. HR forward the guidelines and message of top-level management to the employees. And if there is issue or problem with any employee and it can’t resolve by the HR then HR discuss that issue with top-level management.

3. Leadership Role-

In a leadership role, HR guides the employees, workers in the right direction. Secondly, HR convinces the employee, and worker to work properly and maintain the management if they work properly and follow the rules and guidelines given by HR then, definitely they will get the benefit. HR advises employee in work and also helps in personal policies like if any employee needs a holiday or advance salary then HR will guide or help them.

4. Welfare Role –

This role is that if in any case employee or worker need any transport,hospitality and welfare facilities then HR request or forward this message to top- level management that what employee needs. Welfare facilities like in case if any employee or workers get injured then they will not go directly to hospital or home, if in the company has hospitality facilities then employee will recover it. HR will provide these facilities but HR forward this request or message to top – level management that employee needs and as an HR, this request is has to be solved so that workers and employee get satisfied, and give their best towards the work.

HR role in the business model –

In business, HR has strategic planning for the growth development of the company. HR needs different skills for work professionally in a company or business. Some skills which have to be in an HR are –

1. Communication Skills –

HR has good communication skill so that HR can convince their business partner and a customer for the product or promotion. HR should have a skill or we can say that ability to mindset or convince a person to work business and telling them profit which they get in a businesss.

2. HRM knowledge –

This knowledge is essential in HR skills. ‘HRM’ is a Human Resources Management. HRM helps in hiring, selection, data reports, policies, personal details.

3. Advising –

It is an important HR skill. HR has to advise and guide the employee in the right direction or personal issues related to work. HR also communicate top-level management and if there is a need then HR guides the top-level or senior management.

4. Teamwork-

It is the most important skill which cannot be avoided. HR has to expected to work together with their employee and manager to achieve a goal. Working together it give benefit to both the organization and HR.

5. Recruitment and Selection-

This skill also mut have in an HR because selection, identifying, shortlisting and interviewing the best candidate for the job. If the HR will not select the best candidate for the job then it may result in loss of business and development because that candidate will not work properly. So, HR have to select that candidate only who is capable of doing work and right for the job.

SALES Marketing

Sales Marketing is marketing in which marketer has to satisfy the customer needs, and the behaviour. It is an strategy for selling the product in a profit. In sales marketing HR have good communication and interacting with other so HR can convince them for buying and promoting. Marketing has to be done smartly then only we can get profit in our business and company.


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