Maintaining the investors relations page on the corporate website

managing the information digitally

Sat Dec 25, 2021

Corporate website has now become an important medium for external communication. The department recommends designing special “investor relations” sections in Company sites for continuous and enhanced communication with their investors.

Indicative contents of IR page

1. Company Information

This section may provide the Company overview, Strategy and Operations and Segmental information.

2. Financial results and earnings release

This section may provide the latest announcements and presentations on the Company’s financial results, earnings press release and webcast, complete set of financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and segment information on a consolidated and standalone basis), performance presentation and outlook, key performance indicators, and segmental results.

3. Shareholder Information

This section may provide the information on the Company’s Board of Directors & Management, Board Committees, Corporate Governance Practices, Annual & Quarterly Reports, Sustainability Reports, Code of Conduct for Board and Senior Management, Shareholders Meetings, Details of Corporate Actions (Stock and Cash Dividends/Bonus, Stock Splits, Record Dates etc), Share Price Information (both current and historical), FAQs, Global footprint etc.

4. Investors’ News

This section may provide for the latest Investor Relations press releases, announcements and news updates on the company’s financial performance and operations. It should also provide a facility for investors to sign up for automated news alerts. The section should also provide archives of the press releases issued by the Company, so as to enable investors to download the release as and when required.

5. Financial calendar

This section may provide the information on all the important dates of the corporate events and actions (past, current and upcoming) such as board meeting dates, silent period, etc.

6. Investor Contact

This section may provide the contact information of key managerial personnel and of the Head-Investor Relations.


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