Off-page SEO

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Sat Dec 25, 2021

It also known as off-site SEO. In this SEO you work away from the website to gain ranking on your websites in the search engine. The off-page SEO works in background and it shows results on the website. In off-page SEO backlink is most important because of backlinking we can get traffic on the website and also helps to rank on the search engine.

Backlink is the way of increasing traffic on the website. We do not change in our website but you can leave your link on the other social media to get the traffic and can also share the link in the groups so in the group in 10 members mostly 2 members will go on the website and it will also increase the visitors on the website. So, the backlink is very simple and your content should be good so the user will like to spend time on the website.

Why Off-Page SEO is important?

Off-Page SEO is important because it helps to rank the website on the search results by working away from the website not on the website. Off-Page SEO carries 50% ranking factor weight. In Off-Page SEO backlink is also important factor which helps to increase the ranking in the website.

There are three type of links for Off-Page SEO:

1. Natural Link

These links come to your website naturally. If they find your content is informative valuable then your website gets naturally get traffic.

2. Created Link

This link is created by your teams without any outreach. This link is come from the directories, forums by your own submission.

3. Built Link

It comes from the outreach on the website. This is link is paid and for getting this link all the team of company works to earn this link, they do ad campaign of the content.

Off-Page SEO Activities


Influencer outreach


Social networking

Content Marketing

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