On-page SEO

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Sat Dec 25, 2021

On-Page SEO is used to rank the website on the SERP (Search Engine Result Optimization) and getting organic traffic on the website. It works individually on the website. On-Page is most important in SEO. It also includes technical set-up, HTML code, internal links, meta-data, description, title, along with relevant content and images.

Why On-Page SEO important?

On-Page SEO is important because it helps search engine optimization to understand what content is about and also helps to identify the relevant search query. Google algorithm constantly updates with time so the user gets the result of their queries. And you have to update your website with time if you will not update the website according to the user needs then your website will not get ranked on google. Meta-title and data are essential to visible to the search engine and content, media, image visible to the user. It helps to search engine to rank your website. If you put your effort into the strategy On-Page SEO then you will get traffic on your website.

In On-Page SEO Title tag is important. The title tag is an HTML tag that is used to give the title on a page. The title tag is visible on the website. It has little impact on organic rankings.

What are the most important On-Page SEO Elements?


In On-Page SEO content is important if your content on the website is not good or relevant then the user will leave or ignore the site. Quality of content writing with proper keywords so that it can show on search engine results. Content should be informative, readable, and write page so that it can describe accurately the content. Research and think about keywords how the user can reach your websites and get traffic. Your website content should be stable so that google can understand what the website is about. Make pages mainly for users, not for search engine.

Meta Description

The description is also important, if the user searches any keyword on the search engine optimization then it will show some websites and on the top of the website there is a website URL, the website title tag, then the website meta description. In meta description, you have to write a catchy description so that the user will click on your website and read the content.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is linking the websites internally like if you have already a website and you are getting traffic on that site then you can link your new website for the traffic.

Technical Quality

On the website, your quality of code should be high. For making a more creative website you must use WordPress because WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform and you can add a Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO take care of technical SEO challenges when you don’t notice it.

Load Time

Your website does not take much time to load, if it takes then the user will leave the site. Because in today’s time no one has patients or time every user wants the website load in seconds. To take less time to load the website using low-quality images because high-quality images take more time to load the site.


The above is overview of the On-Page SEO, importance and its elements. On-Page SEO is important for ranking the website on the search results. On-Page SEO factors help to improve your website for ranking and get traffic on your sites.


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