POSCO act against child abuse

a gender-neutral act

Sat Dec 25, 2021

POSCO Act Against Child Abuse (Protection of Children from sexual offense) was introduce by Virendra Kumar. He is the Minister of State in the Ministry of Women and Child Development. This act provides for stringent punishment for crimes against children below 18 years. It Enacted on 19 June 2012 and Enforced on 14 November 2012.

What is POSCO Act Against Child Abuse?

It is a comprehensive law to provide justice for the children who are sexually abused by criminals. And provides protection to the children who are victims. The act provides justice to victims who go through crimes like sexual assault, sexual harassment, pornography. Protecting the child in every step process of the judicial action. And, provides a friendly environment.

The one found guilty of any heinous crime against the children. Who’re below the legal age might be provided with harsh punishment. And even imprisonment for life in rare cases. It aims for making offenses against the children “gender-neutral”.

The bill approve by the parliament of the Rajya Sabha in July 2019. And the Lok Sabha passed it on August 1, 2019. POSCO act has provision to award strong punishment. Incase of involving drugs in bringing early maturity in kids.

Speaking of the Bill Irani said that legislation introduced a minimum hail in terms of 20 years. And in serious crimes for the entire life. And the death penalty in rare cases according to court discretion. Around 620,000 sexual offenders are to register in a national database and they have been tracked by investigating agencies.

Irani expressed deep concern to the number of Juvenile preparators of crimes was increasing. So, She suggested that POSCO should be taken to district-level meetings.

POSCO act supported by all members of the Lok Sabha. Irrespective of the party they come from and conflicts they have with the government. Some suggested that the act should be taken to separate standing committees.

Why POSCO ACT needed?

Children special under legal age are very naive. They have problems communicating with their parents. Are abuse by someone who’s close to them. They can’t tell anyone about it for fear of proven wrong. This act provides support and justice for children. And need and assurance of the wrong things happening to them is wrong and is a punishable offense. However, the ensures a better and safe future for the young generation.


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