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Sat Dec 25, 2021

SEO is a ‘Search Engine Optimization. It is a way of ranking our website on google and it also improves so that our website can get the position on the top so we have to improve our keyword, algorithm, and content. The content should not be copied from other websites otherwise it will show plagiarism, that from where the content or article has been copied.

It is a process or we can say that a way of getting traffic on your website from editorial, free, naturally search result on the search engine.

Some points to be keep in mind

Content should be unique and most relevant to what the user is looking for.

Time speed also matters in SEO that how much time it takes to load a website.

Article /blog should be not copied form the other websites otherwise google will not give permission in ranking.

On the website content should have the tile tags.

There are some items search engines don’t want buying links, too many ads, keyword stuff.

Some elements


Keywords are topics or ideas that describe what your content is about. Then google use these keywords and information what content is relevant to the search query.


It is a part of SEO and it helps to reach the website on the top of ranking. Content must be relevant, interesting , and shareable. It has variety of forms include video, blog, and social media posts.

Time speed

Time speed is very important . Now you thinking why it is important because google observes that how much user is spending time on your article or website if you write a good content then every user will spend their time to read that. And if article/blog is not good then every user will ignore your article without reading.

What is On-page SEO?

On page SEO is used to rank higher and get a traffic towards the website. It works individually on websites for ranking. In On-Page it also gives more importance to content. If the content is relevant what the user is looking for. In marketing there is a demand of good content everyone wants a content unique and good.

On-Page SEO

Title Tag- It is an element of HTML which is used to give a title to websites. This tag is display on search engine results.

URL – URL is important in On-Page SEO because it helps search engine to find and understand the relevant material to the page.

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO includes external optimization. Off-page SEO is also known as ‘Off-site SEO’. The work has not done on the site, it done away or in background. Mainly, in SEO the backlink is important. Backlink is created when one website links to another. Off-page improves search engine and what the user needs or relevant content to display on search engine result.

Why Off-page SEO is important?

Off-page SEO is important because algorithm and ranking factors keep changing so through backlinks and with other factors Off-page helps in ranking and changing the algorithm. It carry more than 50% of the ranking factor weight.


It is also known as incoming backlink. It is created when one website links to another. Off-page improves search engine and what the user needs or relevant content to display on search engine result.

Why Backlinks are important in SEO?

Backlinks are very important in SEO it show a way to google that content is valuable to link and relevant for the user. Because of this it may get good effect in ranking too.

In off-page it’s a strategy for gaining a backlink. There are three ways.

1. Self-created Link

2. Manual Link

3. Natural Link


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