Why LinkedIn is important in today's scenario

A tool for the professional growth

Sat Dec 25, 2021


It was launched on May 5, 2003. LinkedIn reached more than 10 million users in April 2007.LinkedIn is a real-world professional relationship where users make connections to each other in an online social network. It is a source where employees and businessmen create an account and both are connected to each other. It is a professional social media where everyone can connect. It allows users to create a profile and users can add their education, skills, certificates, acknowledgment, and work experience. Through LinkedIn users can find jobs, internships. Users can follow different company pages or businessmen. Users have to make connections on this app to more than 500. In this users can invite anyone to make a connection.

How users can interact ?

Users can like their posts and can comments.

Users or fresher can post their creativity, articles to make more connections.

LinkedIn Statistics

On LinkedIn, there are 43% are women users and 57% are men users.

Monthly, It has more than 675 million users.

There more than 30 million companies are on LinkedIn.

95% of marketers are on it for marketing.

User growth from 2012-2020

Here we can see this that users is increasing day by day. There 40% users who visit a site daily.

A social media platform like the one discussed above, helps you boost up your professional growth and makes you known. You can postal your achievements here and showcase your work whether it’s the office, volunteer, or any professional work. This may attract recruiters as well as interns towards your account and you can get recognition. You can also use LinkedIn as a medium for your website promotion and attract consumers. The best thing about this app is it is mobile as well as desktop-friendly and helps you manage your connections. It is also secure.

1. Make a new connection

LinkedIn helps to make a connection with companies, employees. It connects you with different professional domains and backgrounds. You to make an account on LinkedIn and be active on it because in today’s scenario, on LinkedIn there is a great opportunity if you are looking for an internship, job, or employee for your company.

2. Globalization

You have to be active on LinkedIn and your profile should be completed. Your profile not visible for only the Indian users but all the users from different countries so your profile should be updated and completed with good content and keywords so it can visible to them.

3. Job Postings

If you are looking for a job then you have to be active on LinkedIn and have to follow the different company pages. You have to act on LinkedIn if any company has posted any job alert or openings.

4. Personal Branding

When you keep your profile updated and complete then you are making your own brand. It’s real.

5. Limited Information

In LinkedIn, there is a word limit you can not write a long paragraph. Write limited but correct, do not write any incorrect information. Your resume does not have more than 2 pages. If you have uploaded a resume then no need to add again skills if the word limit goes beyond the limit then you cannot add any single character.

6. Research Tool

You can use LinkedIn as a research tool where you can search a company for job interviews, internships, or hiring managers. This is very helpful you directly apply and send them the application or if they see you are correct for the job then they will respond to you.

7. Gain Social Proofs

On this you can gain social proofs for skills and talents, you have to let your skills and talents recommended so if anyone sees your profile so they can see that recommendation comments and connections it may give a good expression on them.

8. In a touch with people

LinkedIn is a good way people can be in a touch. You can be in a touch with your ex-employees, company colleagues. Through you can connected in touched with your professional world.

9. Groups

On LinkedIn you can join groups it gives a way to meet people and interacting with your similar type of professional people. It’s the best way to share your views and start a conversation and can ask a question that is correct and answerable, it also helps you to make a new connection.


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