Alternate Dispute Resolution

             Resolve as an alternative
Learn to protect the interests in business disputes.

Language: English

Instructors: Rajan Prajapati

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  • diverse ADR practice prevailing in India
  • a multi-million dollar cross-border construction industry dispute or a purely domestic dispute between husband and wife,
  • utility across different settings – both domestic and international.
  • the practical applicability of each Alternative Dispute Resolution technique
  • create skillful negotiators, mediators and arbitrators


  • gradually becoming a preferred method of resolving commercial and personal disputes.
  • benefits over traditional litigation.
  • ADR techniques are applicable in a wide variety of contexts
  • lawyers, consultants and professionals struggle to approach conflict resolution correctly and thus lack the required skills.

Course Curriculum

How to Use

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Who can take this course?

  • Decision-makers working in the Government and the Public Sector

  • Entrepreneurs aiming for start-ups in the area business

  • Administrative Officers of the organizations, who regularly enter into or negotiate contracts

  • Lawyers looking for specialization

  • Law students wanting to pursue their career in the domain 

  • Executive Directors and officers of the Company 

  • negotiators and representatives

Learning and experience

  • ADR mechanism and its comparison with traditional litigation
  • Various ADR techniques in practice and the difference between them
  • Practical procedures for various ADR techniques
  • Interface between domestic and international space in the context of various ADR techniques
  • Understand the technical and commercial aspects
  • Learn to perform a risk-analysis
  • Get trained in understanding your client’s expectations, commercial objectives
  • Learn how to avoid mistakes
  • Understand the formatting techniques necessary for efficacious and powerful drafting
  • Learn how to resolve disputes through arbitration


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Learning experiences

words from the trainees.

I have to regularly sign agreements relating to my business but I could not understand the clauses relating to arbitration. I thought that I should know this before any dispute arises. I took up the course with wPractical, now I know what to do if any dispute arises

— Chetan Verma

The method of doing legal work is gradually changing. People do not want to file cases in the regular course as the Indian courts are already burdened with the work. Alternative dispute resolution is the solution. So, I adopted the same idea and learned practical applications of ADR.

— Rajat Mahajan

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