Consumer Protection: Practice and Procedures

Get expertise on Consumer Law

Deal in the eCommerce and consumer items, legally

Language: English

Instructors: Rajan Prajapati

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  • The course helps lawyers and law students get familiar with the detailed procedure to file a consumer grievance,
  • process of approaching a Consumer Forum,
  • detailed descriptions of laws that are applicable,
  • illustrations and case studies to facilitate understanding.


  • unethical practices to run away from responsibility.
  • legal weapon protecting the consumers for over a quarter of a century.
  • Globalization, increase in trade, the emergence of new modes of dealings and supplies
  • e-commerce have created new options and opportunities for consumers,
  • Consumer vulnerable to new forms of unfair trade and unethical business practices.

End result

  • strengthens consumer interests
  • effective administration and settlement
  • consumer disputes in today’s age of digitization and rising e-commerce activities.
  • addresses consumer concerns arising from technological advancements in the marketplace.

Course Curriculum

How to Use

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Who can take this course?

  • Decision-makers working in the Government and the Public Sector

  • Entrepreneurs aiming for start-up in the area business 

  • negotiators and representatives

  • Executive Directors and officers of the Company

  • Administrative Officers of the organizations, who regularly enter into or negotiate

  •  Law students wanting to pursue their career in the domain

  • contracts Lawyers looking for specialization

Learning and experience

  • Define provisions under the Consumer Protection and Right to Information Act and apply them to situations accordingly
  • Draft a consumer complaint with ease
  • Confidently approach a Consumer Forum and get aware of the redressal mechanism
  • Weigh-in on the cost-benefit analysis
  • Learn how to resolve disputes through arbitration

  • Get trained in understanding the commercial objectives
  • Learn how to avoid mistakes
  • Get access to hundreds of templates drafted by experts that you can learn from and actually use while doing work
  • Get guidance from the experts to expand the deal to create win-win strategies


The wPractical Advantage

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Practical learning with CV enhancement

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Networking with students & alumni.

Doubt clearing within 24 hours.

Learning experiences

words from the trainees.

At times, people used to threaten me regarding consumer protection as I was running a shop. Sometimes, what consumers said was not correct. But I didn’t know how to reply. Taking the course with wPractical regarding consumer protection has added value to my business.

— Prashant Sharma

  I am into the e-commerce business. The only area in which I wanted to be well aware of, was consumer protection law. I just wanted a practical application of the Consumer Protection law. I could do the same with wPractical.

— Surya M.

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