Mediation Training for Grade B Mediators

Mediate to resolve.

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Instructors: Team wPractical

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The course seeks to provide the Grade B with an in-depth understanding of the mediation process and equip them with the skills required to pursue a career in mediation.  Further, it aims to equip the neutrals with technological skills so that they can grow and do more work.

Private ADR Courts

The neutrals who undergo training with the wPractical Academy shall be eligible for 1-year free subscription to the Private ADR Court at Equa.Law

The neutral shall be able to establish their own independent ADR Court wherein the clients can contact them directly for the resolution of disputes. Equa ecosystem shall provide various optional paid services also such as Case Manager, Staff, Peacemaker Support, Paralegal services etc. which shall assist the neutrals in the functioning of their Courts.

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Course Curriculum

How to pursue the training?


Read the information on this page.


Buy the course and enjoy the experience.


Attempt the exam and get the certificate.

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This training is accredited by Equa.Law

Settle with consent.

Equa.Law is interminably working towards establishing an effective and speedy justice delivery system wherein each tier of the dispute resolution process will be concluded within a short period of time. 

Equa.Law offers 1-year free subscription of Private ADR Court along with this training. You can run your own ADR Court, your own staff, your own clients, and manage everything on the interactive platform.

Who can take this course?

  • Decision-makers working in the Government and the Public Sector
  • Entrepreneurs aiming for start-up in the area
  • Business negotiators and representatives
  • Executive Directors and officers of the Company
  • Administrative Officers of the organizations
  • Those who regularly enter into or negotiate contracts
  • Lawyers looking for specialization

Get more experience as a neutral.

  • Enable yourself with technology and expertise.
  • Create a network with co-neutrals.
  • Resolve the complicated problem and prove your caliber.
  • Earn handsomely by resolving disputes.
  • Help the people to reach an agreement.

The Certificate

Check out the LinkedIn shareable sample training certificate.

Complete the training and earn it.

Sample Material

Check out the sample material and content in the course curriculum, above.


Hear interesting stories from our lovely customers.

"This training has made me realize that my knowledge was limited to just the theory."

by Nandita Singh

"As I have completed the training, now I have more confidence in my professional life."

by Lipika Bharadwaj


How do I pursue the training?

It is a self-paced program. You can complete it at your convenience. Proceed step by step. Ask the doubts in the comments section to get an immediate response.  You may also clear the doubts in weekly live doubt clearing sessions.

How this training is different?

Letter theoretical knowledge and more practical working experience. The organizations which are already working in the industry offer such training. The content is prepared as per the requirement of the market and clients..

When do I receive the certificate?

You get it immediately after completing the training and passing the final exam.

What about opportunities after the training?

You can apply for various dispute resolution platforms and ADR centers, especially Equa.Law

You shall be able to work as an ADR Professional at Equa.

What about exams and assessment tests?

The assessment is only suggestive so that you can improve if you are lacking somewhere. wPractical Academy does not test a senior candidate through a written exam as such candidates have enough practical work experience.

How do I change or cancel my course?

The training fee is not refundable as per the refund policy. However, you can make a request to change.

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The practical training and work experience from industry organizations, not the traditional theoretical courses.

Be ready to work in the industry.
Be equipped with the latest technology to deliver justice.
Be available to approach by the mediators' network.
know as to how the dispute resolution system works for the neutrals and disputants.
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