Securities Laws, Insider Trading and SEBI Litigation

Get inside the Law on securities.
Learn the practice and procedure for securities law and litigation.

Language: English

Instructors: Rajan Prajapati

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•    most attractive avenue for a corporate body to raise capital
•    huge development over almost last three decades. 
•    SEBI is empowered as regulator to make regulations and ease out the transactions with proper disclosures and other regulatory actions. 
•    transaction between the principal players i.e. issuer company and investors 
•    detailed regulation for each and every intermediary in the capital market 
•    6understanding it in conjunction with primary enactments such as Companies Act, 2013, Securities Contract (Regulation) Act, 1956, Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992, Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. This course aims to provide just that.
The questions
•    Do you want to argue before SAT or NCLT?
•    Do you want to become a corporate litigator?
•    Do you want to be an expert on Corporate Governance for both listed and unlisted companies?
•    Do you want to be a lawyer working in a law firm or an In-House legal team, having formidable knowledge of Company Law, SEBI regulations and Corporate Governance?
•    It is one thing to learn the sections and case law, but totally another to be able to strategize litigation. How do you create a strategy to defend your client when he is sued before NCLT by a co-shareholder? How do you create a good corporate governance system? What are the compliances under SEBI laws for listed companies?

Course Curriculum

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Who can take this course?

  • Decision-makers working in the Government and the Public Sector

  • Entrepreneurs aiming for start-up in the area business

  •  negotiators and representatives

  • Executive Directors and officers of the Company

  • Administrative Officers of the organisations, who regularly enter into or negotiate contracts

  • Lawyers looking for specialization

  • Law students wanting to pursue their career in the domain

Learning and experience

  • Gain exposure of strategic drafting and negotiation
  • Understand the technical and commercial aspects
  • Learn to perform a risk-analysis
  • Get access to hundreds of templates drafted by experts that you can learn from and actually use while doing client work
  • Incorporation of the company and its administration
  • Internal management of the company
  • Mergers and acquisitions

  •    Understanding and learning the Interoperate transactions
  • The working of the National Company Law Tribunal


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Learning experiences

words from the trainees.

I worked with Securities Company. Luckily, I came to know about this course offered by wPractical. Thanks to this as I got promotion in my company.

— Anuj Chouhan

I provide consultancy services relating to capital markets. I learnt about the courses offered by wPractical in my domain. I realized that what I knew was not enough. Immediately, I took up the course and now I am more confident

— Dilpreet Sodhi

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