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A dedicated office to help you in your career advancement.

How CPS helps you.

CPS is connected with prospective employers. We find that companies want to save on training cost of the employees. Further it takes time also. At wPractical, students learn vocational education and are ready for the job. The prospective employers can immediately start their work with the candidates who have relevant work experience. CPS also provides corporate training to the employees of the companies and corporates. 

Words from students

CPS has helped me in getting a promotion. I was enabled in managerial work and the higher management was happy to see my skilled performance. — Hitesh Sharma

I had compelted my course. I needed a break after losing my job in lockdown. CPS helped me place me in a multinational company.. — Naina Bansal

I was recommended by CPS in a Lawfirm. They had an urgent requirement and no time to provide training. The interviewers found me suitable as I had some idea about the practical application of work. — Peeyush Kumar


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