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wPractical Academy places the students at LawDocs.

May 01, 2022

The total of 178 Paralegals trained at wPractical Academy have been placed at LawDocs. These paralegals are providing drafting-related support to the clients of LawDocs. The main work of the Paralegals is to support the clients and companies in drafting their legal documents.

Trainers Welcome!

April 05, 2022.

wPractical Academy organized a program for the trainers who have newly joined the wPractical Academy for imparting the practical skills to the students. An event was convened to felicitate the trainers and onboarding them on the wPractical Platform.

wPractical goes environment friendly.

January 01, 2022

wPractical academy starts to provide the eCopy of the course content to the students. The content is also available on the Mobile App of the wPractical Academy.

This shall save a lot of paper and cost to the environment. The assignments can also be completed online. The results shall be available online for the learners and students.

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